Keynote Speakers

​​​​Meet the Keynote Speakers for ISBD 2015!


The future of diagnosis in the bipolar spectrum
David J. Kupfer, USA
Bruce Cuthbert, USA

Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

What have observational cohort studies taught us about the emergence and course of bipolar disorder among youth
Boris Birmaher, USA

Advocacy Talk -“Changing My Mind” ​​

Marga​ret Trudeau, Canada

Bas​ic Research

Modeling bipolar disorders with induced pluripotent stem cells: developmental and functional dimensions
Melvin McInnis, USA

Clinical Biological

Revisiting suicide risk: experience, development and psychopathology
Gustavo Turecki, Canada

Clinical Psychosocial​

Tracking behavioral symptoms of bipolar disorder using automated sensing and delivering personalized interventions using smartphones​​​

Tanzeem Choudhury, USA

Bipolar-Schizophrenia Borderlines

Apples and pears are similar, but not the same
Heinz Grunze​, UK 
Is there a schizophrenia/bipolar disorder border?
Mauricio Tohen, USA 


Understanding the neural circuitry of bipolar disorder: present and future neuroimaging approaches

Mary Phillips, USA

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